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Erik C.

Geregistreerd op: 7-8-2011
Berichten: 68

BerichtGeplaatst: 01 Okt 2011 14:53    Onderwerp: Anthrax Reageer met quote

Ik wist niet dat er tijdens WO1 ook anthrax gebruikt is, in de zoekfunctie heb ik 3 artikels gevonden op dit forum waarin anthrax genoemd wordt. Toch is er historisch gezien maar weinig aandacht aan besteed vergeleken met bv. gifgas. In wikipedia staat het volgende:

During the First World War, the Empire of Germany pursued an ambitious biological warfare program. Using diplomatic pouches and couriers, the German General Staff supplied small teams of saboteurs in the Russian Duchy of Finland, and in the then-neutral countries of Romania, the United States, and Argentina.

In Finland, saboteurs mounted on reindeer placed ampoules of anthrax in stables of Russian horses in 1916 .[24] Anthrax was also supplied to the German military attachť in Bucharest, as was glanders, which was employed against livestock destined for Allied service.

German intelligence officer and US citizen Dr. Anton Casimir Dilger established a secret lab in the basement of his sister's home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, that produced glanders which was used to infect livestock in ports and inland collection points including, at least, Newport News, Norfolk, Baltimore, and New York, and probably St. Louis and Covington, Kentucky. In Argentina, German agents also employed glanders in the port of Buenos Aires and also tried to ruin wheat harvests with a destructive fungus.
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Geregistreerd op: 11-6-2007
Berichten: 7056

BerichtGeplaatst: 01 Okt 2011 15:14    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

The secret history of anthrax

The rash of anthrax attacks in the U.S. following the World Trade Center tragedy has spurred widespread interest and concern about what many believe to be a formerly obscure disease. The history of anthrax as a biological weapon, however, reveals a story quite opposite of public consensus.

The first allegations of the use of anthrax as a weapon were made against Germany during World War I. German agents stand accused of infecting cattle and horses with the disease in Bucharest in 1916 and in France in 1917. According to a top-secret 1943 report written by George W. Merck, pharmaceutical magnate and biological-warfare adviser to President Roosevelt, the U.S. possessed "incontrovertible evidence" that "as early as 1915" German agents in New York City's harbor "inoculated horses and cattle with disease-producing bacteria."

Dr. W. Seth Carus, an expert on bioterrorism and special adviser to the Department of Defense, writes in an April 2000 working paper that in 1915 German agents carrying bottles filled with liquefied anthrax infiltrated the horse pens in Manhattan's Van Courtland Park with the objective of injecting the animals there with crude cork-topped needles.

Other declassified U.S. military intelligence documents reveal that in 1916 a covertly placed Prussian medical officer, Dr. Anton Dilger, cultivated anthrax spores in a surreptitious laboratory in Chevy Chase, Md., for use against draft animals in Baltimore's port. Also, that same year in Argentina, German undercover operatives combed out across several ports, infecting European-bound horses and cattle with sugar cubes laced with anthrax.

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Geregistreerd op: 10-11-2006
Berichten: 2459
Woonplaats: Wevelgem

BerichtGeplaatst: 01 Okt 2011 15:26    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Ik ga eens mijn info moeten bekijken. Eťn van de Duitse wetenschappers in dit project was een Zweed of Fin, als ik me niet vergis. Ik heb daar ergens eens iets over gelezen, maar waar ook al weer...
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