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Anzac-on-Sea, United Kingdom

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Geregistreerd op: 7-2-2006
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BerichtGeplaatst: 21 Nov 2010 19:33    Onderwerp: Anzac-on-Sea, United Kingdom Reageer met quote

Aan de kust in Zuid Engeland ligt het stadje Peacehaven.
Maar het heeft tijdens WOI tijdelijk anders geheten, namelijk New Anzac-on-Sea!
Ik las er vandaag over in een boek van Juliet Nicholson en vond er op internet het volgende nog over:

In a competition to choose a name for the new estate, "New Anzac-on-Sea" was chosen
as the winner; but as a result of representations that Anzac was almost a sacred word,
following the tragic events of Gallipoli, it was not a name which could suitably be used to
advertise a new seaside place, so this was later changed to Peacehaven.
In the original plan, dated 1916, for Anzac-on-Sea many of the streets were named after
first World War battles: Louvain, Marne, Mons, Loos, Festubert, Salonica and Ypres
Avenues. These were later changed to: Gladys, Sunview, Vernon, Southdown, Seaview
and Friars Avenues.
It was obviously not possible to sell plots of land on avenues bearing names which
reminded people of the tragedies of these First World War battles.

Peacehaven was the brainchild of Charles Neville, an entrepreneur who, in 1916, bought the land from the local council (dirt cheap) and offered small plots of the land as runner-up prizes in a competition to name the new settlement. The newspaper which ran the competition sued (and won) Neville, since the "free" land was only available on the payment of a sizeable "conveyancing" fee. The law suit actually brought so much publicity that Neville managed to sell even more plots and made a fortune. Since most of the purchasers had little money, and since this was in the days before such things as Building Regulations or Planning Permission, for many years the plots were occupied simply by huts, shacks or old railway carriages. Today, the tiny plots have enough space for a two-bedroom bungalow without a garden. Incidentally, the winning name was actually New Anzac-on-Sea, though that lasted less than a year when the disaster at Gallipoli prompted its renaming to the current one.


The winning name was New Anzac-on-Sea. However that name lasted less than a year. The name was changed by Mr Neville to Peacehaven in 1917 and has remained the same to this day.

Op deze site nog een fotootje uit die tijd:[/url]
If any question why we died
Tell them, because our fathers lied
-Rudyard Kipling-
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