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Pere Lamy : Mystic and visionary.

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BerichtGeplaatst: 30 Jul 2008 7:02    Onderwerp: Pere Lamy : Mystic and visionary. Reageer met quote

Pere Lamy : Mystic and visionary.
Taken from :

French Mystic-Priest Foresaw Filling Of Monasteries, Convents After Calamities

Compiled by Michael H. Brown

In Catholic Prophets is the following from Father Pere Lamy, a priest who was born in 1855 and died in 1931:
He was a French priest. His Bishop said “I have in my diocese another Cure of Ars." He had visions of the past and future, of Our Lord and Our Lady, St. Joseph, the Angels -- even Lucifer. The accomplishments of his life are an amazing proof of what a priest can do. He said the Rosary almost continually, and only slept one or two hours a night. He could smell sin even through a penitent's perfume. He conversed regularly with his guardian angel, and effected miracles and made prophecies.

"This Voice always told of all the evils of the new 'churches' that had strayed from truth making their own doctrines. On one occasion the Voice said, 'One Mass is more acceptable to Almighty God than all the sighs and tears of the world combined because a Mass is pure God offered up to pure God.'
"People were going to be forced to turn to the land, and to recover a sense of the value of the soil. Either peace and its resultant unemployment will do it... or war and the blasting of cities will do it.
"'War is a punishment for sin," Our Lord told Pere Lamy (1931), adding that the First World War had three causes: 'blasphemy, Sunday labor, and the desecration of marriage' (contraception, etc.).

"The prayer of the children must be the foundation of everything . . . (What a different world this would be) if only we did not place obstacles in the way of (Our Lady’s) dominion over our souls. She told me she desired a new congregation…The dispersal of the congregations (or religious) was more a punishment for the people than the individuals concerned… Prayer offered in union with Our Lady has great power. Our Lady requires the sanctity of family life. She requires that disorder should cease and that people should observe order once more. God asks only this so that he may grant them pardon. If people had heeded her, the war (1914-1918) would not have come… I will not tell you a tenth part (of what I know of the future). There are some things that would not be well to say even in 40 years time. Besides this is perhaps the least suitable epoch that has ever existed for revelation. I do not mean that small fraction of the people who are fervent Catholics. It is just those who do not need revelations…

"Penance, penance, penance -- terrible times are coming. The times we are living in now (1914-1918) are as nothing to what we are soon to see . . . How Our Lord must have suffered! And yet Christians are always seeking pleasure! If it were thus in the green wood, how shall it be in the dry . . . When we are not in the state of grace (our guardian angels) would like to help us but they cannot. They often save us from accidents. Our Lady was weeping all over the world (1929). There are few devout souls nowadays… The Jews are scattered all over the world but they will not be abandoned. God never forsakes His own. As to the Apostles of the latter days, I only know one thing: Our Lord has said in His Gospel that this day is known to nobody… One should never order one's life according to visions, especially according to the visions of others. In material things we must use common sense, too. We must be careful of mysticism. The devil stands behind the mother of God: If you let her pass by you will find the devil.

"Lucifer is playing his last card: he thinks the game is in his hands, in which he is mistaken . . . We must pray confidently in spite of his blustering . . . People will appreciate still more the gentle goodness of Our Blessed Lady . . . Peace will be restored to the world but I shall not see that, and other things will come to pass of which I shall not see the end.

"When peace has been established in the world many things will be changed…War is big business. The manufacturers of the airplane, the exploitation of the mines, the iron workers, all that will dwindle. There will no longer be those great factories where morality withers and disappears. The working class will be bound to turn back to the land... Industry will be reduced to smaller proportions and it will remain so.

"Everything will grow less. When peace is given back to the world, plots of farmland will rise to more value than they are now. Even the old workmen insist on dying in towns that will come to pass. The world will have to be re-evangelized over again and that will be work for a whole generation.

"The spiritual state of the first Christians will come back more over, there will be so few men on earth. And there will be another magnificent revival of Orders and Congregations. The monasteries will flourish again, the convents will fill up again. After these calamities, souls in great numbers will come and dwell in them again."

[Footnote: from other sources we get that: "Pere Lamy (1885-1931) was often granted many visions of the Blessed Mother, many saints and angels, and even the devil himself. We know that the Blessed Virgin is mistress over the devil and that, 'He hates the priests, the representatives of Jesus Christ.' The devil once told Pere Lamy, 'Give up praying and I will give up bothering you.' The good priest also tells us that the recitation of the Holy Rosary is what 'knocks Lucifer flat.' He is the sworn enemy of the rosary. That is why many saints have told us to recite the rosary often and to carry it with us." (from Angels & Devils by Joan-Carroll Cruz)].

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