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Terms Of Ceasefire

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BerichtGeplaatst: 11 Nov 2018 9:51    Onderwerp: Terms Of Ceasefire Reageer met quote

erms Of Ceasefire
At the end of September 1918, German Supreme Army Command informs the Kaiser of the hopeless situation at the Western Front, and the decision is made to negotiate an armistice. The German Armistice Commission, led by Secretary of State Matthias Erzberger, meets with the Allies’ Commander‐in‐Chief Marshal Foch in a forest near Compiègne, Northern France at 9 a.m. on November 8, 1918. The Allies’ conditions are presented: withdrawal of German troops; evacuation of Alsace‐Lorraine, Belgium and Luxembourg, surrender of the left bank of the Rhine, including the stationing of Allied garrisons at Mainz, Koblenz and Cologne; renunciation of the peace treaty with Russia; surrender of almost all of the fleet as well as 5,000 cannons, 25,000 machine guns, 3,000 trench mortars and 1,700 planes; handover of 5,000 locomotives and 150,000 railway carriages. The Germans have 72 hours’ time to sign, but there is no question of negotiation. Although this is not formally a surrender, the ceasefire ends the fighting on November 11, 1918.

The “Ganze Halt“
The “Ganze Halt“ (correct: “Das Ganze. Halt!“, literally “Everything stop”) was originally a hunting term and bugle call which the Germans used to signal the ceasefire. The Regimental History of the German Reserve Infantry Regiment No. 250 records: “At exactly 12 o’clock our companies leave their trenches and covers while the buglers walk up to the high ground and blow “Das Ganze Halt”, which is taken up immediately by others along the entire line. All guns are unloaded. Profound silence at the Front! No more shots are heard. The War is at an end. And it is to a bad end – everyone feels it – that it has come! But for the time being, a dulled amazement takes over, and our thoughts rush to our loved ones in the homeland”.
The ceasefire occurs at 12 o’clock German time. In France, which in 1918 runs on the same time as Great Britain, it is 11 o’clock.

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