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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

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Ernst Friedrich

BerichtGeplaatst: 10 Okt 2007 11:30    Onderwerp: The New Zealanders at Gallipoli Reageer met quote

Hier staat het boek met die titel van Colonel Fred Waite uit 1919 integraal als e-book, ook beschikbaar in het format voor Microsoft Reader e-Book.
Veel foto's!

The New Zealanders at Gallipoli


To the Memory of Our Glorious Dead.


The New Zealand Popular History Series.
The New Zealanders of Anzac.
To My Old Comrades.
The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

Chapter I. The Concentration of the Expeditionary Force.

The Mobilization.
Equipping the Force.
Waiting for the Escort.

Chapter II. The Voyage to Egypt.

A Great Welcome at Hobart.
Young Australia greets Young New Zealand.
The Triumph of Australia.
A Run Ashore at Colombo.
The Monotony of the Voyage.
Ordered to Disembark in Egypt.

Chapter III. Training in Egypt.

Chapter IV. The Defence of the Suez Canal.

Waiting for the Turk.
Our First Battle.
Captured Turkish Orders.
Return to Zeitoun.
An Inspection on the Desert.
A Riot in the Ezbekieh Quarter.
Leaving Cairo.

Chapter V. The Rendezvous at Mudros.

Through the ∆gean Sea.
Mudros Harbour.
The Attack on the Dardanelles.
Preparing for the Attack.

Chapter VI. The Anzac Landing.

Passing Cape Helles.
Going Ashore.
Straight into the Battle.
A Desperate Night.

Chapter VII. The First Week.

Shrapnel Gully.
The End of the Second Day.
The First Landing at Suvla.
The Nerve-Centre of Anzac.
The New Zealand Sector.
The Tragic Lack of Hospital Ships.

Chapter VIII. At the Head of Monash Gully.

Straightening the Line.
The Christening of Dead Man's Ridge.
The Evolution of the Anzac Line
Quinn's Post.

Chapter IX. The Battle of Krithia.

The New Zealand Brigade in Reserve.
The Daisy Patch.
The Relief of our Brigade.

Chapter X. The Arrival of the Mounteds.

The Mounted Rifles repulse a determined Attack.
Burying the Dead on Armistice Day.
The Sinking of the ďTriumph.Ē
The Taking and Losing of ďOld No. 3 Post.Ē

Chapter XI. Supplying the Needs of the Army.

The Utter Dependence on the Imperial Navy.
The Bomb Factory.
The Scarcity of Building Materials.
The Water Supply.
Bully Beef and Biscuits.

Chapter XII. Midsummer at Anzac.

Mining at Quinn's Post.
The Death of Major Quinn.
ďThe Agony of Anzac.Ē
A Sortie from Quinn's Post.
The Last Attack on Anzac.
The Soldier and His Clothes.

Chapter XIII. The Preparations in July.

The Amenities of Anzac.
Reinforcements Promised.
Where should the Troops be Used?
Making the Beach Road.
Working on the Big Sap.

Chapter XIV. The Battle of Sari Bair.
Part I.
The Preliminaries.
The Struggle at Helles.
The Battle of Lone Pine.
Against German Officers' Trench.
The Glory of the Australian Light Horse.

Part II.
The Anzac Thrust for ď971.Ē
The Organization of General Godley's Army.
The Night of August 6.
The Right Covering Force.
The Capture of Old No. 3.
The Capture of Table Top.
Bauchop's Hill.
The Left Covering Force.
The Right Assaulting Column.

Part III.
The Attack of August 8.
The Capture of Chunuk Bair.
The Glory of New Zealand.
The Ghurkas Attack Hill Q.
We Lose the Crest of Chunuk.

Part IV. The Battle of Sari Bair.
The Suvla Landing.
The Hill Features of the Suvla Plain.
The Landing Beaches.
Trouble at the Beaches.
The Morning of August 8.
The Next DayóAugust 9.
A New Move that Failed.

Part V. After the Battle.
The Trenches on the Crest of Chunuk.
The Water Problem.
The Fifth Reinforcements.
The Valleys of Torment.

Chapter XV. The Battle of Kaiajik Aghala.

The Attack on Scimitar Hill.
The First Attack on Kaiajik Aghala.
Second Assault on Kaiajik Aghala.

Chapter XVI. Preparing for the End.

Resting at Sarpi.
Hot Baths at Thermos.
The Problem of a Mixed Coinage.
Welcome Reinforcements.
The Seething Pot of Balkan Politics.
The Responsibility of Australia and New Zealand.
General Hamilton is Recalled.
General Munro Assumes Control.
The Great Blizzard.
The Visit of Lord Kitchener.
The Hours of Silence.

Chapter XVII. The Evacuation.

The Order to Evacuate.
Preparing for the Big Bluff.
Actors at Anzac.
A, B, and C Parties.
The Last Night.
A and B Parties Leave.
The Last Anxious Moments.
The New Zealand Mounted Rifles.
The Evacuation of Helles

Chapter XVIII. The Return to Anzac.

Anzac Cove.
New Zealand Transports of the Main Body.
Transports Carrying the New Zealand and Australian Division from Alexandria to Gallipoli, April 1915.
Establishment of Main Body, N.Z.E.F.

New Units Raised during Gallipoli Campaign.

The Men of Anzac.
New Zealanders decorated and mentioned in despatches.
Victoria Cross.
Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. (K.C.B.)
Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. (K.C.M.G.)
Companions of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. (C.B.)
Companions of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. (C.M.G.)
Companions of the Distinguished Service Order. (D.S.O.)
Military Cross. (M.C.)
Distinguished Conduct Medal. (D.C.M.)
Mentioned in Despatches.
The Place-Names of Anzac.
A Gallipoli Diary.
A Note by the Author.
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